A Wrinkle in Time

How does Meg help her father get out of the column

Chapter 9

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Meg suddenly remembers that Mrs. Who had given her the spectacles, and she figures that this must be the last chance to use them and get to her father. She puts them on and is able to fling herself through the transparent glass and into the imprisoning column that holds her father.

She presses herself against her father and they embrace. Meg describes it as one of the best feelings she had ever had in her life. Her father is surprised that she is there, but when Meg tries to convince him to leave, she realizes that he can’t see anything. The inside of the column is dark and it is only because of the spectacles that Meg can see. She takes off the glasses and gives them to her father. He puts her on his back and they run through the transparent glass that separates them from Calvin and Charles Wallace.