A Wrinkle in Time

How are Meg's mother and Calvin's mother alike and how are they different?

chapter 3

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Mrs. Murry is Meg and Charles Wallace's mother. She is a scientist and, with Meg's father, comes up with the notion of the tesser, the wrinkle in time. She is greatly troubled by her husband's disappearance, though she has the ability to control her emotions for her children, a talent that Meg greatly envies. Mrs. Murry keeps her hope alive by writing letters every night to her missing husband, though these letters are never delivered. She is a woman who is quite aware of herself both intellectually and emotionally.

Calvin is enamored with the Murry house. After he calls his own family to let them know he’ll be home late, he muses that Meg is really lucky to be loved like she is. His own family, he tells her, which has eleven children, rarely takes the time to notice him. He tells her that his mother doesn’t take care of herself and that nobody would even care where he was. The only reason he calls, he tells her, is that he cares and loves them. Calvin's mother is burdened by her eleven children and so worn out she has long since lost track of herself or her purpose in life.



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