A Wrinkle in Time

EXPLAIN how Meg is almost lost into IT, and how she is saved (give a long answer)

Sorry, I need a long answer...

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As they walk out of the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building, Meg feels despair. She had thought that by finding her father everything would turn out okay, but she now realizes she was mistaken. She wants to give up, but Calvin urges her to continue forward. They walk down a street and come to a domed building - the place where IT is housed. As they enter the building, Meg discovers exactly what IT is...a “dismembered brain.” Meg thinks that it is the most horrible and disgusting thing that she had ever seen.

The brain is giving of a pulsing rhythm that makes it hard for anyone to speak or to think for themselves. Meg realizes that through the rhythm she is being sucked into IT’s power and that if she continues to hear the rhythm, she will lose her own independent thought and become one of IT’s minions. She tries to recite nursery rhymes like Charles Wallace had in their encounter with the Man with the Red Eyes, and then tries to remember the Declaration of Independence. She recites the first lines - that “all men are created equal” and that they have “certain unalienable rights.” IT responds that on Camazotz, all men are equal because IT controls all their actions and thoughts so that everyone is exactly “alike.” Meg rejects this line of thinking, responding that “like and equal are not the same thing....”

Mr. Murry tries to help Meg reject the brain’s power. He tells her to recite the periodic table and to perform some math problems in her head, but all of it is no use. Meg feels herself being pushed under the power of the brain. Calvin tells Mr. Murry to “tesser” and so he grabs her and they disappear through time and space.