A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle In Time

How I Calvin's home different from Meg's

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Calvin, as a brother to eleven other siblings, struggles with issues of fitting into his own family. He laments that his family would not even care if he was missing, though he still loves them very much. He is also very different than his family, and exhibits genetic traits not shown in other members of a family. This, he says, makes it even harder for him to fit in. Meg Murry, one of the main characters of the novel, lives in a small town with her mother and three brothers. Meg feels isolated. She sits alone in her attic bedroom, feeling weird, wrong, and out of place in every way. And then she starts talking to cats:

"Go back to sleep," Meg said. "Just be glad you're a kitten and not a monster like me." She looked at herself in the wardrobe mirror and made a horrible face, baring a mouthful of teeth covered with braces.