A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

what is the power of darkness?

is it evil?

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In the Medium’s vision of the earth, the children see the Dark Thing they saw earlier. This Dark Thing provides an explanation for why the earth suffers under the burden of so much hardship and evil. L’Engle here draws specific religious connections to the Darkness and it’s meaning. It is characterized as the “powers of darkness” and “evil” which is only combated by people of light. Specifically, Jesus is mentioned as the first of these warriors of light. Mrs. Who’s quote is from the Gospel of John, whose opening chapter serves as an ethical and moral template for the themes that L’Engle portrays in the book. In the First Chapter of the Gospel of John, darkness and “the void” are portrayed as having overtaken humanity, but through Jesus - the light of the world - that darkness could be conquered.