A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

In what kind of rights does she seem the most interested? What problems does the denial of those rights genera

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A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is perceived primarily as a text addressed to middle-class women. Lower-class women do not have as much leisure time to try to attract a man; they are not as concerned with their looks and manners; they have barely any education, work from a young age, and do not have the time to engage in frivolity, ephemeral trivialities, and irrelevant rivalries. Wollstonecraft's ideas for education reform include separating youth by social class at a certain point so they can pursue occupations appropriate for their station. Similarly, this is not a work for rich women. Wollstonecraft vilifies the rich, referring to them as useless and full of artifice. The problems and solutions that Wollstonecraft identifies are for middle-class women, who can attain more education and benefit from it, utilizing the precepts they learn in their households. Financial independence and a degree of political participation are also somewhat possible for these women. Thus, although Wollstonecraft does identify some problems common for all women, her work mainly addresses the middle class.