A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

hat two types of "masculine women" does Wollstonecraft acknowledge

It's somewhere in "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman"

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From what I can understand, Wollstonecraft questions the definition of masculine,

"I am aware of an obvious inference. From every quarter have I heard

exclamations against masculine women, but where are they to be

found? If by this appellation men mean to inveigh against, their

ardour in hunting, shooting, and gaming, I shall most cordially

join in the cry; but if it be against the imitation of manly

virtues, or, more properly speaking, the attainment of those

talents and virtues, the exercise of which ennobles the human

character, and which raises females in the scale of animal being,

when they are comprehensively termed mankind, all those who view

them with a philosophic eye must, I should think, wish with me,

that they may every day grow more and more masculine."

She makes the point that if masculinity mean virtues, woman have already attained them.