A View From the Bridge

A View From the Bridge

1.What is Eddie's opinion of Rodolfo? 

2. What do we learn of the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice?

3. Why does Eddie change his mind about Catherine taking up her job? How does

Catherine's reaction make him feel?

4. What is Eddie thinking as Catherine serves Rodoldo sugar?

5. What differences are noticeable between Marco and Rodolfo?

6. What is the trouble "that will not go away"?

7. What are the themes raised by Alfieri in his prologue?

8. What is Marco trying to prove by lifting the chair? How do Eddie and the other

characters react?



9. What does Alfieri try to make Eddie understand?

10. What are the problems between Eddie and Beatrice?

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1) Eddie is jealous of Rodolpho's relationship with Catherine and mistrusts Rodolpho's reasons for their engagement. He goes so far as to have immigration arrest the two men.

Please list your questions separately. 


A View From the Bridge