A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Where do you think the old man flew to at the end of the story?

Did you think he flew to the heaven's? What is your interpretation on this story?

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I believe the old man earned his departure from this earth. For whatever reason, it seems the old man was stuck in the middle..... he had something left to do. The child was cured, crowds appeased their curiosity, and miracles left witnesses with something to think about. I think the old man happily flew to the heavens when his work was finished. What do you think?

I too, think he flew to the heavens after his mission was completed. Another proposal I had in mind though, was that he flew off to another village or city where he would have to tend to yet another family in need.

That's an excellent proposal. Either scenario works, and in turn, the author has achieved what I believe he intended...... to make us think! :-D

Thank you! Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tale because it made me question both sides of the story, which is never boring. :)