A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

How are the angels in “Sonnet for Heaven Below” similar to the old man with enormous wings? Compare how “smart New Yorkers” treat the angels with the way the old man is treated.

old man is referring to the story "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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As for Aguero's poem, the angles are the downtrodden in the streets. That are the ignored. They are people who "smart New Yorkers" look down on because, "acid rain fractures their Feathers, and French fries and coca-cola corrupt the color of their skin and make them sing hoarsely." Similarly Márquez's Old Man with Enormous Wings presents an angel marginalized and downtrodden. Like the smart people of New York, the villagers eventually ignore him. The old man is shunned and people cease to see his beauty. The people in New York also ignore the beauty of these people who suffer beneath their feet.