A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

99. How did Gene Johnson culture the sample of Peter Cardinal’s blood serum? Describe the three steps of this experimental protocol.

the hot zone

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1) He placed the metal cylinder containing the virus into the Biosafety Level 4 cabinets.

2) "Next, he put his hands into the gloves, picked up the cylinder and, looking through a window to see what he was doing, peeled the tape off the cylinder."

"Inside it was a wad of paper towel soaked in bleach. He pulled apart the wad and found a Ziploc bag. It contained a couple of plastic tubes with screw tops. He unscrewed them and shook out two very small plastic vials containing golden liquid: Peter Cardinal's blood serum."

3) "Gene Johnson took a little bit of the boy's blood serum and dropped it into flasks that contained living cells from a monkey. If anything lived in Peter Cardinal's blood, it might begin to replicate in the monkey cells."


The Hot Zone