A Thousand Splendid Suns

Why do you believe that Myriam and Laila were no longer enemies ?

Between chapter 31 and 36 ! :)

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Aziza has been dressed in boy clothes that Rasheed had bought prior to Aziza's birth. However, one morning, Laila finds dresses outside of her door- put there by Mariam. Laila thanks Mariam for the clothes, and Mariam says that she had them already, but had no use for them. She tells Laila that she had sewed the clothes during her first pregnancy. Mariam brings up the night that Laila stood up to Rasheed in order to stop him from hurting her. Mariam says that no one had stood up for her before, and that Laila should get used to this type of treatment in Rasheed's house. Laila and Mariam have a cup of tea together and made peace. Laila and Mariam start doing their chores together and begin to enjoy each other's company. Aziza begins to grow fond of Mariam, though Mariam is confused as to why.



Sorry, the biggest hint as to their relationship would come from the fact that they decide to run away together.