A Thousand Splendid Suns

What's wrong with Laila's mother?

Is she sick?

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Farbia wishes to stay in Afghanistan in order to see the freedom of the land that her sons died for, but she is forced to move when Laila is almost killed on the streets of Kabul. However, before they can move to Pakistan, she is killed when a bomb hits her home.

She probably suffers from bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. I would guess borderline personality, based on the fact that she never seems to have any normal periods. She is constantly in either mania or depression. However, the fact that her cycles are so slow (she stays depressed for long periods) would be more like bipolar. Borderline personality disorder is usually affected more by outside influences than bipolar disorder, so that fact that her depression hinges on her sons being gone is another possible pointer toward borderline personality.