A Thousand Splendid Suns

What role does Nana play in the novel?

What is the reasons for Nanas role in Mariams life as her mother?

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Nana is Mariam's mother and Jalil's wife. Nana lived as Jalil's housemaid until she became pregnant with Jalil's baby, Mariam. Jalil cast Nana out of his household and built her the shack in which she and Mariam live. Though throughout the novel there are references to Nana's life as an individual prior to her connection to Jalil, Nana's life revolves around her role as Mariam's mother. Nana clings to Mariam as her only strong familial connection, and when Mariam begins to attempt to deepen her relationship with Jalil, Nana kills herself.Nana also serves as an example of the subjugation of women in the story and to Mariam.