A Thousand Splendid Suns

What kind of figurative language is being used in the Bold sentence above?

Aziza’s hair had to become as light as Lailas’s. Laila could see her own dimples on her cheeks. Aziza had turned into a calm, pensive, little girl, with a demeanor that to Laila seemed beyond her six years. Laila marveled at her daughter's manner of speech, her cadence and rhythm, her thoughtful pauses and intonations, so adult, so at odds with the immature body that housed the voice . It was Aziza who with lighthearted authority had taken it upon herself to wake Zalmai every day, to dress him, feed him his breakfast, comb his hair. She was the one who put him down to nap, who played even-tempered peacemaker to her volatile sibling. Around him, Aziza had taken to giving an examperated, queerly adult headshake (Housseini 297).

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I would think it is a metaphor.