A Thousand Splendid Suns

What does "harami" mean ?

What does harami means ? And what does dil mean ?

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"Harami" means "Bastard" and I believe "dil" means "heart" as in not having the heart to do something.

"Harami" means bastard, which means that Mariam is born out of wedlock. Mariams mother was a maid in Jalil Khans house.

The Hindi Word "Harami" -which refers to the word "Haram" meaning illegitimate- means a person who was born illegitimately..........The word "Dil" often used in Hindi Songs means the Heart

Harami in Arabic means thief, robber.. etc and this is exactly what it is used for in stock market when Harami Candlestick comes after another candle in the opposite direction to eat some of the profit gained by the previous candle so it steals some of the profit hence the name Harami ( theif).

I am searching for the word haraham ! Not the same but define please:)?