A Thousand Splendid Suns

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  1. 1What is the name of Mariam and Nana's home?
    baba jan. <----- This one I think
  2. 2Why is Mariam called a harami?
    She was born out of wedlock.
    She is poor.
    She lives outside of the city.
    She is not Muslim. <------
  3. 3What was Mariam's reaction to Jalil not picking her up to see Pinocchio?
    She told Nana she wanted to move to Pakistan.
    She laid in bed and cried.
    She never spoke to Jalil again.
    She went to Herat to see him herself. <--------
  4. 4After Nana killed herself...
    Mariam lived in the kolba alone. <------ This one or D.
    Mariam ran away.
    Jalil took Mariam into his home.
    Mullah Faizullah took Mariam into his home.
  5. 5When Jalil married Mariam off to Rasheed, Mariam's reaction was
    disgust and anger at Jalil.
    excitement and happiness.
    apathy about the whole situation. <-------
    anger at Rasheed.
  6. 6Rasheed had what career?
    He was a Mullah.
    He owned a restaurant. <-------
    He owned a shoe shop.
    He worked with the government.
  7. 7Mariam and Rasheed had trouble bearing children because
    Rasheed was sterile.
    Mariam's babies died during childbirth. <------
    She had medical complications during the pregnancy.
    She could not get pregnant.
  8. 8Which of Rasheed's first family members had died?
    His daughter and his wife.
    His first two sons. <-----
    His son and his daughter.
    His son and his wife.
  9. 9When Jalil visited Mariam in Kabul, what was her response?
    She cried to him about her marriage to Rasheed.
    She would not see him, and only glanced at him through a window.
    She ran out to greet him with open arms.
    She was angry with him, and she yelled at him to leave. <-----
  10. 10Laila was often called Revolutionary Girl in school. Why?
    She was rebelious herself.
    She was born on the night of the revolution. <-----
    She joined the jihad.
    Her parents had radical ideas.
  11. 11Who was Laila's best friend in the neighborhood?
    Ahmad. <------
  12. 12How did Laila's two older brothers, Ahmad and Noor, die?
    They were hit by a bomb in Kabul. <------
    They got sick with pneumonia.
    They killed themselves.
    They died fighting in the jihad.
  13. 13Laila's mother finally decided to leave Kabul after
    All of the neighbors had already left.
    The Soviets lost power in Afghanistan .
    Laila was almost hit by a bomb.
    Ahmad and Noor had died. <------
  14. 14What did Abdul Sharif tell Laila about Tariq?
    He was in prison for smuggling hashish.
    He was hospitalized and died.
    He had joined the jihad. <------
    He found another wife and started a new family.
  15. 15Why did Laila agree to marry Rasheed?
    She was friendly with Mariam and wanted to join the family.
    She was forced to by her father.
    She loved Rasheed.
    She was pregnant and needed to provide for her child. <-----
  16. 16What car did Rasheed compare Mariam to?
    A Mercedes Benz, because it is beautiful and classy. <-----
    A VW Beetle, because it is small and elusive.
    A Volga, because it is strong and trustworthy.
    A Model T Ford, because it is a classic.
  17. 17What was Rasheed's reaction when he found out Laila was pregnant?
    He was thrilled and prayed for a boy.
    He was apathetic.
    He cried with sadness that Laila got pregnant before Mariam.
    He was upset with Laila and beat her. <---- This one or A.
  18. 18What was Rasheed's reaction after Aziza was born?
    He sent Aziza away immediately after she was born, because they could not afford a baby.
    He was angry at Laila for having a girl, and beat Laila to near death.
    He was elated and played with Aziza all the time. <-----
    He was upset that she was a girl, and he was disgusted by how she smelled and sounded.
  19. 19Why did Laila steal from Rasheed?
    She was planning to take Aziza and run away.
    Mariam was sick and needed medicine.
    She needed to buy more baby supplies for Aziza.
    Rasheed had stopped feeding the females in the family.
  20. 20When did Laila start stealing from Rasheed?
    The night before she was to marry Rasheed.
    Right after Aziza was born.
    Right after she realized she was pregnant. <---- This one or D.
    Right after she and Rasheed were married.
  21. 21What event brought Mariam and Laila together?
    They both made fun of Rasheed behind his back. <------
    Rasheed attempted to hit Mariam, and Laila blocked his blow.
    Aziza was sick, and Mariam risked her life to get baby medicine.
    Rasheed attempted to hit Laila, and Mariam blocked his blow.
  22. 22What stopped Laila, Mariam, and Aziza from running away?
    A man who offerred to buy their tickets informed an officer that they were travelling alone.
    The Taliban stopped the women on the street.
    The bus driver would not let the women board the bus.
    Rasheed stopped them as they were leaving the house. <------
  23. 23Why did Laila and Mariam need a man to act as their relative when they ran away?
    The Taliban forbid women from traveling alone. <------
    They did not feel safe without a man.
    Aziza needed a father figure to travel with.
    The bus company required that all women be accompanied by a man.
  24. 24What was Rasheed's punishment for the women after their run away attempt?
    He banished them to the streets. <---- This one or C.
    He sent them to prison.
    He found a new wife.
    He locked them in separate rooms without food or water.
  25. 25When Laila found out she was pregnant for the second time, what was her reaction?
    She was angry at Rasheed for making her go through another pregnancy.
    Angry at the future baby for taking resources from Aziza. <----
    She was upset and thought about injuring herself to abort the pregnancy.
    She was overjoyed that she would have another child in the house.
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