A Thousand Splendid Suns

Laila was about to do something very terrible to the baby, do you believe she should have ?

Chapter 37 ! :)

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Laila soon realizes that she is pregnant again. She prepares to abort her unborn child, using a bicycle spoke. She does not think she will have the capability to love Rasheed’s child as she does Tariq’s. However, while sitting on the bathroom floor, she could not go through with the abortion. She realizes that her battle with Rasheed does not involve the baby, and that killing the baby would be another murder of an innocent, when so much killing has been going on around her. I really don't have an answer to your last question as to the morality of keeping or not keeping the baby. I suppose giving herself an abortion with a bycicle spoke would probably kill her as well as the baby. That would be very sad.



Thank you for the answers ! :)