A Thousand Splendid Suns

How does the Taliban impact Mariam ?


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THey are horrible, it's hard to know where to begin.Mariam suffers the Taliban rules throughout the book. She ultimately is tried and executed by the Taliban for her killing the creep Rasheed.

Mariam is put into a women's prison guarded by the Taliban. She shares a cell with five other women and four children. She refuses visitors. Mariam is one of very few women that has committed a violent crime, and she becomes famous within the prison walls for her offense. Women offer her blankets and food. One particular woman, Naghma, takes a special liking to Mariam and tells her how she had been sentenced to five years in prison for attempting to run away and elope. Naghma announces that she is suicidal. Mariam remembers Nana's advice that a man always finds a woman to blame.

Mariam's trial is short. She waives the right to witnesses. She pleads guilty, but she explains that Rasheed will have killed her if she had not struck him first. The Talib overseeing her trial does not believe her, and Mariam is sentenced to death. The Talib justifies his decision because he "must follow the law of Allah". Mariam signs the document which explains her sentence, and she recalls her wedding.