A Thousand Splendid Suns

how can we relate feminist thoery with the novel "a thousand splendid suns"?

any aspect from feminist theory which relate to this novel ...specifically with the topic "the role of woman behind the walls of Afghanistan"...please do answer....

or anything regarding this topic with reference to feminism ......

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To kill the freedom of women in Afghanistan by so-called male dominant is a major concern to relate to this novel with feminist aspect. No right to women to survive as their wish in this life. Forceful marriage against their choice, to be limit behind wall, no freedom of walking without the male companion and covering with burqas, these all are symbols of representing feminist aspect. Male tortures after becoming wife of someone is also major point to prove this novel as feminism. No choice for taking free decision and right to marry more than one wife to male is also the cause of occurring domination over women.

They have to endure everything in the novel and their confessions do not put value which the maximizing of domination. There is a question that male and female both take birth with the same way of pregnancy of their mother. And gradually behavior of up and down gradation starts by the society, that means the representation of more families might get helped to create society and the same society starts maintaining the level. These all the things we can find in the novel of Khaled Hosseini specially his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns.