A Thousand Splendid Suns

Does anybody know what does "ambagh" mean in A Thounsand Splendid Suns


There is a word which is not English, in Page 208, line 3rd from the bottom.

Mariam says to Rasheed: "I am too old for you to make me an ambagh".

I have checked, it is not Persian, nor Pashtun.

I am really in need to know the meaning of this word, if someone can answer me for sure. I do appreciate your help.


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Hi, it's when your husband gets a second wife, she is your ambagh.

Hi this is not true from what I know. I am a fluent persain speaker and an 'ambagh' is along the lines of meaning, a 'fool', 'loser', 'shamed' and conveys that kind of message.

Hi, as an Afghan, I can tell you with certainty that ambagh does indeed mean sister-wife (i.e. your husband's other wives). So if two women are sister-wives, we say they are ambaghs.