A Thousand Splendid Suns

describe the women endurance

how have the women endured in afghanistan?

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Nana tells Miriam that endurance is the most important lesson any girl could learn. Early in life, Miriam is forced to adjust to living with her father. She also has to endure living his three wives and the nine children they have between them.

At fifteen, Miriam's father arranges her marriage. The problem? The groom is twice her age...... she has to endure marriage with a man far older and learn how to get along with him all at the same time. Miriam endures those things she has no control over, and that would be a good portion of her life. She either had to endure or fall apart.

thanks jill, but can u like elaborate cuz i have to write an essay on this topic

Sorry, this is a short answer forum. If you'd like additional details I suggest you follow the link above to Gradesavers study guide for the unit. It is quite detailed and should have everything you need.

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