A Thousand Splendid Suns

compare trial and death of socrates and a thousand splendid suns

connecting themes

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For some, the execution of the man Plato called 'the wisest and most just of all men' has shown the unreliability or undesirability of democratic rule. For others, the Athenians' action was a justifiable defense of their recently re-established democracy. I. F. Stone, an American journalist, wrote a book entitled "Trial of Socrates" after his retirement, arguing that Socrates wanted to be sentenced to death in order to justify his opposition to the Athenian democracy, and that Socrates felt that old age would be unpleasant anyway.If we are to connect this to themes in Khaled Hosseini's book it is important to consider the seemingly endless struggle for a western style democracy in Afghanistan. Many argue that this type of system just isn't viable. It is also important to consider that Socrates certainly would not have been a proponent of any sort of religious totalitarian rule like say the Taliban. Socrates would argue for certain inalienable human rights for all people including women. Socrates would not have done to well in a fundamentalist Islamic society.

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