A Thousand Splendid Suns

alil, mariam's father, is a complex character. Doe she love his daughter? How does he show his love? How does he show that he doesn't fully recognize her as his daughter? Why does he treat her like he does?

Question #3 on a thousand splendid suns english 10 worksheet

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Jalil is Mariam's father, a rich movie theater owner who lives in Herat. To Mariam, Jalil is an amazing father - and a paragon of virtue - but to Mariam's mother he has neglected his obligations to his family. Jalil has two legitimate wives and ten other children in addition to Mariam. When Nana dies, Mariam is sent to Jalil's house, but his other wives refuse to keep her in the house. Jalil then decides to cast Mariam off, giving her up to marry Rasheed. Later on, Jalil regrets his harsh treatment of Mariam, and attempts to contact her to apologize. It is difficult to paint Jalil as a sympethetic or unsympethetic character. He is a product of his environment. He is not overtly abusive but he could have done more for Mariam.