A Thousand Splendid Suns

A man named Abdul Sharif came to see Laila. What did his annoucement push Laila to do ?

This is between the chapters 26 and 30 ! :)

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A visitor comes to see Laila, named Abdul Sharif. Sharif brings news of Tariq from Pakistan. Tariq has been in a special unit of the hospital with Sharif and in an accident, lost his other leg and suffered serious injuries. Hearing this, Laila is devastated, but Sharif continues that Tariq spoke of his home and his family, but he mostly spoke of Laila. Tariq had asked Sharif to find Laila and tell her that he was thinking of her. Sharif tells Laila that Tariq died soon after in the hospital, and Laila wonders if Tariq's death is her punishment for not properly mourning Ahmad and Noor.Laila is pregnant with Tariqu's child. If she can marry Rasheed soon enough, Rasheed will be deceived into thinking that the baby is his. Laila and Rasheed marry and consummate their marriage, but Laila has to prick her finger in order to feign the loss of her virginity.



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