A Study in Scarlet

in what ways does Holme's violin playing reflect his moods?

the science of deduction

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One of the most enduring images of Holmes is with violin in hand, playing something from the classical canon or riffing around as he ponders a case’s complexities. This image of Holmes appears not only in the original stories published in England more than a century ago, but also on the silver screen and television.Of the first three – literature, philosophy, and astronomy – Holmes’ knowledge is “nil.” By No. 7, things things are picking up for Holmes: “Knowledge of Chemistry – Profound.” Of special interest to us is entry No.10: “Plays the violin well.” Upon completing the list, Watson followed with the world’s first description of Holmes’ style and technique: “I see that I have eluded above to his powers upon the violin. These were very remarkable, but as eccentric as all his other accomplishments....Check out the rest below...