A Streetcar Named Desire

use of "death-symbols"


at school we are reading a streetcar named desire in our english lessons ( I'm German and my English isn't the best... - in fact it's a disaster, but I try to improve it).

Williams uses many symbols according to death, so for example the Elysian Fields or the Cemeteries in context of blanche's new living place at the Kowalski's. What's his intention by doing so? Does he try to foreshadow blanche's psychic ( or psychical?-I dunno how to say in English ...) death?

I would be really happy about getting some comments,

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In fact the streetcar is blanches final step toward her demise. She is no longer the woman she once was. She has trouble living day to day. By her staying with stella symbolizes that she the persona she created has come to an end


A streetcar named desire