A Streetcar Named Desire

Symbols in A Streetcar Named Desire: Elysian Fields, dark and light, bathing (water)

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Here is the bath part,

Bathing - Blanche is constantly taking baths in the play, subconsciously trying to cleanse herself of the sins of her past. She never succeeds, however, and must return to the bath again and again. Similarly, Stanley showers after he beats his wife, and unlike Blanche he is able to come out cleansed and remorseful.



In Scene One, Stanley throws a package of meat at Stella for her to catch. This seems really funny to both Eunice and the Negro woman. They think about the whole tossing of the "meat" in sexual terms. They see this as Stanley's willingness to provide sex and Blanch's willingness to accept it.


Blanche tries to avoid the light in an attempt to hide aspects of herself. She wants to hide her fading beauty and emotional insecurities.