A Streetcar Named Desire


describe stanley. what social class does he belong to? how is he diffrent from his wife stella? how is the couple represented? is it projective? neutral? any hints of social class or gender diffrence?

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Stella Kowalski

Stella Kowalski, Blanche's younger sister, is about twenty-five years old and pregnant with her first child. Stella has made a new life for herself in New Orleans and is madly in love with her husband Stanley - their idyllic relationship is steeped in physical passion. Stella is forthright and unapologetic about the nature of her relationship with her husband, and although she loves her sister, she is pragmatic and refuses to let anything come between her and Stanley. Stella's family was wealthy, but their fortune was lost.

Stanley Kowalski

Stanley Kowalski, Stella's husband, is a man of solid, blue-collar stock - direct, passionate, and often violent. He has no patience for Blanche and the illusions she cherishes. Moreover, he is a controlling and domineering man, demanding subservience from his wife in the belief that his authority is threatened by Blanche's arrival. Blanche, however, sees him as a primitive ape driven only by instinct. In the end, though, Stanley proves he can be as cold and calculating as she is.