A Streetcar Named Desire


I need help figuring out the different types of characters. This is what I am looking for.

Protagonist - Blanche DuBois ?????

Antagonist - Stanley Kowalski ????

Stock characters

Flat Characters

Round Characters

Dynamic Characters

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For the most part you are correct. If you read through the GradeSaver character list it becomes obvious that Blanche is the protagonist and Stanley the antagonist.

Any of the characters without actual names (strange man, Mexican woman) would be flat characters, and perhaps even stock characters as well. I would consider including Steve and Eunice under Flat characters given their inability to change or develop themselves.

Round characters would be the main characters who are fully developed, and I would include both Kowalskis, Blanche and Mitchell in this category. Dynamic characters would likely include this group as well.

what mark is saying is correct, however i would disagree with his assessment of eunice and steve. I feel that they fulfill the symbolic role of showing the audience how Stella and stanly would be without blanche. I think that their lack of devopment does not hinder them in becoming 'round characters' as, while not pivotal, their stabilty and life, greatly improves the audiences' ability to understand and delvege deeper into the play.

Well, im my opinion everyone is right in this situation. Steve and Eunice are really flat characters. Blanche and Mitchell are dynamic characters. I really think that Mitch should be a flat chracter though.