A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche and Stanley and Stanley and Stella's sexual tension

How would you compare and contrast the sexual tension between Stanley and Stella and Blanche?

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Well, Blanche and Stanley are very similar in their own way. They both are attractive in their own way and easily seduce their opposing gender. However, Stella is completely in love with Stanley which is shown by her constant return to him but there is no evidence that she attracts other men. Blanch and Stanley are attracted to each other and as we know this relationship ends badly.

It can also be said that both sisters are very similar. They both rely on men who are strong, and masculine. The only difference between the two, is the fact that stella has her confidant. Blanche, although she has a 'fling' with mitch never fully loses the guise of being lost and this builds the sexual (and all other types) of tension with stanley. Also the fact that her 'boy' was gay, further increases her desire to be with a masculine man - stanley, and thus furhter raising the tension