A Streetcar Named Desire

Analyse Blanche's behaviour. Did she make any mistakes? How does she see the events herself?

Scene 5/6

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Blanche makes many mistakes during the fifth and sixth scenes. Unfortunately, many of her mistakes are come from her inablility to accept reality, though, we have to wonder if she is in any state to do so. Blanche lies about her past, ommits important things when directly confronted, and makes things up along the way. Her vision of past events is completely unrealistic, but we do know that she understands to some point because she is so worried about being exposed. In my opinion, Blanche is incapable of the truth because she has succesfully stored what she wants to believe in her mind. She is unable to manipulate others..... but has undeniably manipulated herself into believing her own story.... her behavior is erratic and suspect to say the least.


A Streetcar Named Desire