A Separate Peace

Why doesn’t finny believe Gene’s confession? Call him?

What was the confession and explain all of this in detail to me please. I am confused. its chapter 7 or 8...

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After chapel, gene sees the doctor. The doctor asks gene to visit tinny. Gene does. When he goes to see finny the first thing he asks finny what he remembers about the accident. Finny says he barely remembers anything but vaguely remembers that it was gene who shook the limb, but according to finny that could not be true. Gene was interrupted by the doctor coming in and could not confess. When it is time to go back to school after vacation, gene goes to finnys house instead of Devon. Once there he tells finny that he really did shake the tree limb to make him fall. This makes finny hysterical because he could not believe it. Gene leaves and goes back to school. A while later gene recorded a phone call and it is from finny. They talk about their dorm room and finny wants to make sure gene is no longer crazy like he was when he visited him. This shows gene that finny still cannot come to terms that gene could do this to him.


A separate peace