A Separate Peace

Why do u think Finny wanted Gene to excel in sports and why di Gene go along with him?


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As Gene begins to improve himself physically, under Finny's tutelage, Gene helps Finny to become a much better student. Since Finny has been robbed of his athletic gifts, Gene is helping him to develop new ones. Finny's encouragement helps Gene to do things that were never physically possible for him before‹like doing 30 chin-ups and a few miles of running in the morning. Gene feels like he has achieved this mostly by himself, but without Finny right there, none of that would have been possible. It is true that Gene has become even more different from Finny since Finny has been away, but there is definitely something to be said about how the two boys are beginning to resemble each other more and more. Gene can now do what Finny can't, thus, they are giving things to each other.