A Separate Peace

What were American boarding schools like during WW11

From The Book A Separate Peace

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American schools like Devon were private and very similar to private schools today (minus any thoughts of a co-ed environment). The grounds were manicured, their settings like a time out of place... ivy covered walls, beautiful colonial homes for the staff which regularly lived onsite, and an assortment of dormitories.

Academics were just as important as athletics, if you didn't get the grades, you didn't play. The boys were subject to hierarchy and rites of passage, and the faculty expected obedience, without which they would dole out punishments they would certainly lose their jobs for today. Needless to say, the boys also participated in pranks that might cause a stir, but that today would not be pushed aside.... police would be called.

Students wore uniforms, and the uniform code was strictly followed. American boarding schools were expensive, elite, and choosy.


A Separate Peace