A Separate Peace

what made finny realize the reality of the war?

he thought it was made up and didnt believe it.

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After Finny gets hurt and releizes he will never be able to fight again his reason changes. Finny is afraid Gene will go off to the war and forget about the boy who is crippled for life. When Leper "escapes" from the war he is skittish and has a whole new perspective on life. He stays held up in his house and thinks everyone is evil.Before seeing Leper, Finny had never seen someone their age come home from war and the aftermath. No one could change so much on their own and Finny knew there was really a world war taking place (this is when war as reality hits him)The realization hit Finny that their school was a fairytale and the war was hitting the real world helped change his mind to believe the war was really happening.

Most of this excerpt was taken from the source link below.