A Separate Peace

What is revealed as each boy assumes that the attention they attract is meant for the other one?

I know this is kind of a wierd question but I reeeeeeely need it answered. It is found in chapter 3. ONLY use quotes and citations from chapter 3 please. Answer ASAP

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"I noticed that people were looking fixedly at him, so I took a look at myself to see why. His skin radiated a reddish copper glow of tan, his brown hair had been a little bleached by the sun, and I noticed that the tan made his eyes shine with a cool blue-green fire.

"Everybody's staring at you," he suddenly said to me. "It's because of that movie-star tan you picked up this afternoon... showing off again."

after this discussion, both boys seem to be embarrassed and nothing more is said.


A Separate Peace