A Separate Peace

What happens at the pool? What does the narrator want to do about that? How does funny react?

In chapter 3

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One day Finny decides to break a swimming record just for the fun of it. A. Hopkins Parker's name was engraved on a plaque since he had last set the record in 1940. Phineas, who had never been on the swimming team at all, broke the record after his first attempt in the swimming pool. Gene, stunned, insists that he should do it again for an official timekeeper while Finny insists that he wants his feat to be kept a secret. He is confused by this and hardly understands Finny's desire for anonymity unless it is that he had won so many awards already that another one would hardly matter to him, nor was it needed. "To keep silent about this amazing happening deepened the shock for me. It made Finny seem too unusual for -- not friendship, but too unusual for rivalry. And there were few relationships among us at Devon not based on rivalry."