A Separate Peace

what are the different moods at devon during te summer session and fall session

contrast the mood at devon during the summer session and fall session

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The summer session is quite care free filled with sport and games. THe Fall session is where things begin to go wrong. Finny has his accident and to mood turns very dark and grey.

THe fall session is also full of rigid rules, chapel services as well as the shadow of WW2. Combine that with Finny's absence and return (it's not the same Finny) and Leper's mental problems.

The mood of the summer session is light..... it's free and easy going. The last bits of celebration before the fall semester.

The fall marks the return of structure and discipline. The boys have to re-enter the real world and leave their easy-going boyhood behind. Finny's absence and accident mark a new attitude for many of the boys, as does the war.