A Separate Peace

Over the course of the novel, the war has slowly but steadily encroached on the Devon boys. In the final , how has it's presence become more apparent than ever before?

Chapter 13

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It is June, and Devon gives use of the Far Common to the war effort. Brinker and Gene watch the troops and jeeps and equipment being brought in, for a Parachute Rigger's School being made there; Brinker brings up Leper, which Gene tells him not to talk about. Gene says that no one blames him for what happened to Finny, although he blames himself. War finally, and literally, takes over Devon; it has arrived, and Gene is more than ready to leave. The campus becomes unrecognizable to him, with all the military gear; since the peace of the summer before is completely dead and definitely a thing of the past, it is easy for him to say goodbye to it and continue on to his adult life.