A Separate Peace

Over hearing the voices of the doctor, the nurse and the wrestling coach with finny, geen begins to... what?

Laugh at himself?

Bite his fingernails?

Imagine finny dead?

Recall Leper's madness?

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That would be laughing at himself, " It would never occur to Finny to say any of these things, but they struck me as so outrageous that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I put my hand over my mouth; then I tried to stop my mouth with my fist; if I couldn’t get control of this laughing they would hear me in the room. I was laughing so hard it hurt my stomach and I could feel my face getting more and more flushed; I dug my teeth into my fist to try to gain control and then I noticed that there were tears all over my hand."


A separate Peace chapter 12