A Separate Peace

How did Finny's Winter Carnival create an illusory sense of peace and liberation??

cht. 9

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Finny decides to organize the first winter carnival at Devon, so that there's something fun to do outside. Gene is persuaded, then manages to get the newly-rebellious Brinker in on their plans.

The Saturday of the carnival comes, and the day is cold and very gray. Brinker has obtained some hard cider, snow sculptures have been made, and a heavy table with prizes on it are all set up; some boys have even beat a little ski ramp out of the snow. Finny or Brinker are supposed to preside over the festivities, but the boys suddenly go mad, rushing for the cider and becoming rather unruly for the first time that winter. Finny declares the games open, with a torch made of a flaming copy of The Illiad. Finny is definitely cheered up by the whole little festival, and the other boys are very pleased, full of cider and happy for the break.