A Separate Peace

gene wants to tell the truth about his actions in the tree. Find textual evidence that explains why he wants to do this? When will it help more,Gene or Finny? Chapters 4-6 I only need one peice of textual evidence

Need help ASAP please thank you

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Gene realizes that if he were in Finny's place, and Finny was responsible for the accident, that Finny would confess the truth; but Gene realizes he doesn't have the strength and nobility in his nature that Finny has, and this upsets him very much. Gene gets ready to tell Finny the truth, however much he doesn't want to. But, he doesn't get the chance to speak, as the doctor comes back in; and, before he can see Finny again, Finny is sent home to recuperate.

If Phineas had been sitting here in this pool of guilt, how would he have felt, what would he have done?
He would have told me the truth.


A Separate Peace