A Room With a View

a room with a view

*Chapter IX What kind of room is Cecil?

*Chapter X What has Italy done to Lucy vs. Cecil.

*“Meredith’s right” (X): footnote?Why is Meredith correct?

*“…Truth would bring them to Windy Corner.” (X)

What is Charlotte’s letter about? (XI) and Lucy’s reply?

Lucy’s nightmare (XI)what is the dream about

Mr. Emerson’s comment on the Garden of Eden (XII)Chapter XIII: what ghosts? (also on 130)

“you’ve promised to take in Minnie Beebe because of the diphtheria scare.” What has this got to do with Charlotte and Lucy and George? (129)

136-137: slip made by Lucy?

147: “ the black head”…. And Lucy?

Who is Leonora and Antonio? (XV)

154-57: George’s confession? What are his points? What is his argument? XVIHow does Lucy quote George? XVII

How does this reveal her state of mind /character? (also on 170)…

What does Mr Emerson say to Lucy?: (XIX)

What does Mr Emerson  make her see?

Why is the last chapter called “The end of the Middle Ages”?

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