A Room of One's Own

In a room of ones own, in what ways does the description of Orlando's thoughts as she realizes what it means to be a woman help you to understand Woolf's points about the androgynous mind?

By virginia Woolf

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The article linked below should be extremely helpful to you in formulating your answer to the question above.



If you need further help here.......... would it be possible for you to let me know what chapter or pages you're trying to analyze. I haven't read this in FOREVER!

Hi, and thanks for responding, I do not have the book that is why I was asking the question. It is for an English assignment and my book was delayed getting here in the mail and I was hoping to be able to get full credit with some help from the internet but it looks like I will have to take half credit. Thanks any way for taking the time to post

what were the issues or conflicts Virginia Woolf faced in "A room of ones own