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what,according to VIRGINIA WOOLF,are the barriers that women faced to become a writer?

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Woolf gives an historical argument that lack of money and privacy have prevented women from writing with genius in the past. Without money, women are slavishly dependent on men; without privacy, constant interruptions block their creativity. Freedom of thought is hampered as women consume themselves with thoughts of gender. They write out of anger or insecurity, and such emotions make them think about themselves rather than about their subjects.



The feminist voice Virginia Woolf has been exploring the reasons for failure of women to write fiction or plays like the great of that time in her essay "Shakespeare's Sister".The reasons she has shown are-(i)No scope or opportunity to gain education ;(ii)Early marriage ;(iii)Lack of personal freedom ;(iv)Wife beating ;(v)Discouragement;(vi)Lack of family support ;(vii)Frustration etc.