A Raisin in the Sun

Why did Walter ask Ruth what was wrong with her?

Like when they were at the table, i think.

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Prometheus from Greek mythology had nothing left to give man because his brother Epimetheus had given all the gifts to the animals. Prometheus stole fire from the gods so that mankind could at least be warm. He also showed man that they should eat the flesh of animals and use their hides for clothes, only using fat and bones to sacrifices for the gods. He was punished by Zeus who chained him to a rock on a mountain and having a vulture peck at his liver all day, every day for eternity. It would heal over at night only to happen again, of course. Walter constantly talks of his pipe dreams (get-rich quick ideas), and laments the oppression of the black man at the hands of whites. George, assimilated into white society has had it easy because his father is wealthy and doesn't want to hear Walter complain about being "pecked at" in life.


Just a guess.

Sorry, last one was the answer to someone's Prometheus question. Walter must have noticed that Ruth was distracted. She probably feigned more interest most other mornings when he talked about his schemes but this time she already has been to the doctor to see about an abortion. Walter needs Ruth's help to broach the subject of using some of the money from the insurance to go into a bar business because he knows Lena is against it and Ruth is not supportive - so Walter notices.

they had no money and she became pregnant

pregnant and broke


old movie

She is crabby at breakfast.