A Raisin in the Sun

What does the play show persevance, about people working WITH the pain, disappointment and obstacles in their lives

play as a whole ; "A raisin in the sun".

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A Rasin in the Sun is about poverty, the challenges of race and the working poor. All of these can incredibly challenging and painful. Mama's dream for all her kids is to rise up from their poverty. Walter dreams of having a life like the people he drives for. The irony of his job is painful. He dreams but doesn't have the work ethic to rise above all the obstacles in front of him. This breaks Moma's heart but she has to let him be Walter. Beneatha shows signs of rising above her pain but her education hurts Mama in the sense that it challenges her beliefs in God. But they persevere as a family with Moma as the glue that keeps them together.