A Raisin in the Sun

What did Walter ask Ruth what was wrong with her ?

Act 1,Scene 1

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Walter asks Ruth what is wrong with her in the first few moments of the scene. She is short-tempered and seems on edge.... she's exhausted, and from her comments, we can infer she's concerned about their finances.

WALTER: Is he out yet?

RUTH: What you mean out? He ain't hardly got in there good yet.

WALTER (wandering in, still more oriented to sleep than to a new day): Well, what was you doing all that yelling for if I can't even get in there yet? (Stopping and thinking.) Check coming today?

RUTH: They said Saturday and this is just Friday and I hopes to God you ain't going to get up here first thing this morning and start talking to me 'bout no money—'cause I 'bout don't want to hear it.

WALTER: Something the matter with you this morning?

RUTH: No—I'm just sleepy as the devil. What kind of eggs you want?


A Raisin in the Sun