A Raisin in the Sun

According to Mama, how would Walter's father feel about Walter?

Act i

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In what context do you mean?

Do you mean about owning a liquor store?

His father would have seen him as less than a man.

"Well—(tightly) Well —son, I'm waiting to hearyou say something . . . (She waits.) I'm waiting to hear how you be your father's son. Be the man he was . . . (Pause. The silence shouts.) Your wife say she going to destroy your child. And I'm waiting to hear you talk like him and say we a people who give children life, not who destroys them — (She rises.) I'm waiting to see you stand up and look like your daddy and say we done give up one baby to poverty and that we ain't going to give up nary another one . . . I'm waiting."